First communion doll 20 cm

We present a new tutorial for a first communion doll (Fofucha). It has many details such as wool hair, a string of pearls and

crystal fabric overskirt.

Materials and tools

The materials needed are:

  • 2 millimeters Foamy flesh-colored, white, pink and brown
  • 1 mm foamy white and pink
  • Porexpan:  two balls of 20, two balls of 30, a ball of 45 and an egg of 40.
  • Glass fabric or similar
  • Two pearl-headed pins
  • Miniature pebbles or beads
  • Two small crosses
  • Thick brown wool for the hair
  • White ruffled lace
  • White trimmings tight
  • Acrylic paints: white, black and brown


  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Needle and thimble


Feet & Shoes




The first thing we will do is attach a ball of 30 mm with a 20 mm with hot glue. We cut a quarter once they are united and we line with gomaeva flesh colored. Rose cut a strip about four centimeters wide, marking half so that it will guide. With a scissors cut shapes where we have set, we will get two halves with which border the foot to the two ballerinas.

Legs and body






We make the legs with two thin sticks and two pieces of 8 x 5 cm of EVA foam of 2 mm flesh colored. To make the body we take an egg 40 mm and remove two sections leaving about 3 cm wide. We covered the widest color flesh the narrowest we put panties following the patterns. In the briefs we put detail of curly lace.





Cut a rectangle of 9 x 16 cm white 1 millimeter EVA foam and join around the body. Trim the top of the dress following the pattern. With a piece of 12 x 36 cm glass cloth we make the overskirt. On the low glued the narrow white passementerie. Pucker the waist of the dress and adjust to the doll. To cover the junction of the overskirt with dressing put a belt made with a 0.75 cm pink EVA foam of 1 mm.

Arms and sleeves


Cut the arm according to the pattern. Put a wire in the middle and roll it, stick with hot glue gun. Cut out two pieces of glass fabric according to the pattern. Sticking a narrow white passementerie as we did with the overskirt. Joining sleeve arm and paste all to the dress.

Head and hair

Cover a 45 mm porexpan ball, half with 2 mm EVA foam flesh-colored and half with brown. Cut several pieces of wool to the desired length. Open the wool to leave the loop and hitting the head. Once we have covered the entire head with hair do flowers and paste in the back of the hair collected.




We paint the face to our pleasure

Final result

View as has been done in the tutorial video:

You can download the pattern here:


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for first communion doll.

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