Locomotive T-shirt

Today I show you how to decorate a child’s t-shirt with a locomotive picture.

In this tutorial I show you all the steps, from creating the pattern
 until the final ironing.

Materials and Tools:


    • Scraps of fabric
    • Flizelin
    • Drawing elected and permanent marker
    • Fabric paints or markers for fabric
    • Fine brush, scissors for fabric
    • Needle, thimble and black thread
    • Iron

Pattern creation for locomotive T-shirt

We are printed a picture we like the right size for the shirt, in this case for a children’s t-shirt print it on A4 (slightly smaller). We mark all lines with a pen.

We turn the page and we emphasize all lines.

When we have finished marking all lines of the drawing, trace in Flizelin. As in the other tutorials, dashed lines mark the parts that go under another.

Trim all parts

 We select the pieces of cloth bearing in mind the colors and size of the cut pattern pieces.

We iron the Flizelin to fabric scraps. With fabric scissors we cut all the parts in the solid lines of the pattern.

Putting the pieces on T-shirt

We put all parts superposed over the picture to check that none are missing and that all fit well.

We averaged the picture on the T-shirt so that it is centered. We put some pins to mark the place where will go the drawing.

We put the pieces of fabric on the T-shirt, in the space defined by the pins, remove the protector Vilene and ironed all the pieces of fabric, from bottom to top.

Ironing end and finish

We wait to cool and we shades with a permanent marker for textile.

We festoon stitching around all parts with black thread for remarking well.

We give the last ironing so that they set well all the pieces and we have completed our shirt.

You can watch the video in:

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